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Posted by Janice Drake on Jan 19, 2021



Are you ready for the NEW NORMAL?  Probably not, because no one knows what it is or what it will look like.  This one thing I do know, is I hope it is better than the past and greater than anything we could have imagined for the future.  I believe it is something we each get to create, and it will be based on what is in our heart and in our mind.  I am a firm believer that when it comes to us individually and what happens in our lives, we create it with our thoughts and with the help of Our Creator.  Our lives represent what we believe, think about, pray for, meditate on, and speak about consistently.  It is the” what you think and say is what you get” theory.  That is why it is so important to always pay attention to what is happening in your mind – it drives you to places of joy and peace or worry and doubt.  You decide, you choose based on how you think.  

Therefore, I have decided to create my new normal in my thoughts so it will appear in the world for others to enjoy.  One of the things I am creating is about the new currency of the future.  In the past money, investments, land, and the like, have been the currency and the more of it you have/had the more secure and privileged you felt.  In the past we would give to get, always seeking the great return on investment.  Well no longer will this be the case.  PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ITS VERY IMPORTANT!  My new normal (I’m believing OUR new normal) will bring in a new currency called GIVING!  That’s right, I said GIVING!  

I am believing that we will enter 2021 as the year of GIVING.  GIVING time, love, care, gifts, jobs, housing, food, encouragement, forgiveness, support, and all that is good to one another.  It is having the thought of GIVING in your thoughts all the time, and not just occasionally.  GIVING without expecting anything in return except the joy and relief you can see on the face of another and experiencing the warmth and joy that fills your heart when you have just been blessed to help another.   

It is taking the Christmas spirit of giving and expressing it every day of the new year and the next year and so on.  Why are we so kind to each other during the holiday, giving gifts, smiles, hugs, love – we do it because of the feeling we get in doing for others, you can’t always explain it but boy does it feel good – taking gifts to the homeless shelter, sending money to pay for dinners, watching strangers being blessed, seeing children happier than ever, forgiving friends and family members and allowing bygones to be bygones.  Why do we stop simply because the holiday is over – it makes no sense to stop doing something that makes you feel so good.  So why stop?   

So, my normal, my new currency for 2021 will be about GIVING!  It costs extraordinarily little to do, but my return on investment will be greater than I can imagine.  Join me if you dare.  This new currency can be acquired simply by “changing your thoughts” and focusing on GIVING every day, and in any way you choose.   

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