Executive & Life Coaching

"If you can change the way YOU THINK, YOU can change the way YOU BEHAVE"

-Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II

Career & Life Transitions

Armed with a definitive plan and course of action to be implemented within 90 days of your transition. Our Transition Coaches will partner with you to:

  • Define the best transition plan for you at this juncture in your life
  • Deal with the psychological and emotional impact created by personal or professional transitions and how to recover quickly
  • Help others in your life manage through the transition side-by-side with you
  • Develop your personal 360 Life Transition Plan

Life/Family /Work Balance

Our vision of seeing a world of people utilizing their potential in business, career, and personal life and reaching their desired level of success and life balance simultaneously can only be realized by partnering with Clients both individually and through their organizations to define a work/life balance and to establish boundaries that works best for them. Our “Work/Life Coaches” as we call them, will assist you as you:

  • Define balance and boundaries that fits YOUR lifestyle
  • Eliminate the guilt that comes with managing a career and a family.
  • Learn to Just Say NO!
  • Identify priorities, trade-offs, and bartering opportunities.
  • How to Gain some “All about Me” time.


Entrepreneurial Coaching & Consulting

If you are starting or growing your business our HOPE Coaches will partner with you in:

  • Developing your new or existing business
  • Taking your current business to the next level
  • Providing coaching and consulting in the development of business plans and strategies.
  • Serving as your temporary CEO’s, COO’s or HR Executives
  • Managing People & Workplace Culture