What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

“Janice Blackwell Drake, thank you for all you have done for Westminster Canterbury during the past two years. Your support and advice has been invaluable in our current operations and our plans for expansion with the Next Chapter. Your strong background in human resources was critical in helping us make several organization changes. You were instrumental in helping to develop a customer service program that was very successful in dining and catering and the child development center. With your help, we have secured a dynamic leader for the human resources department. Your presence during that transition has positioned staff for new challenges and opportunities and I am confident that we are better prepared to move ahead.”

Donald D. Lecky - President & CEO, Westminster Canterbury


“Dear Ms. Blackwell Drake….“You may recall at the time we spoke I was seeking advice regarding my relationship with my boss and a negative performance review. I sought your career coaching advice on how to handle things with this new manager and how to deal with the situation more generally. I have some positive news to report, and thanks to give. I just received a written six-month review from my new manager that is positive on the whole. My working relationship has progressed well and …….. I owe a great debt to you for the advice you provided. You helped me approach my earlier interactions in a very constructive fashion. Thank you for all your help …..”

Kevin Hinton - Coachee, NGN Member


“Since entering the “Visioning for Success” Career & Leadership Development Program and meeting Ms. Blackwell Drake I have truly grown. This course has not only taught me that it was okay to have goals and visions for my future, but that those goals and visions are reachable if I would apply myself. I am now equipped with the ability to effectively promote and market myself. I have a newfound respect for myself. I have learned how to trust in my own instincts and make those decisions that I felt I needed help and guidance. I have a better view of what I want to do once I graduate and I have gained a better understanding of what will be required of me once I have my degree in hand. There are so many things from this course…”

Rhonda Johnson - Norfolk State University, “Visioning for Success Class”


MHLI Germany Course Comments –

“This was one course that will really help me. Janice did an outstanding job. Her knowledge, smile, perspectives and humor made this a non-boring 2 days of class.”

“Janice is an excellent and effective communicator and instructor”

“Excellent presentation”

“Ms. Blackwell Drake was very informative and professional. She knows her stuff well and kept the class interesting”

Military Housing & Lodging - MHLI, European Class Participants - Heidelberg, Germany