Career and Life Management Sevices

If you are transitioning into a new position or exiting a position, you must be prepared and armed with a definitive plan and course of action to be implemented within 90 days of your transition. Our Transition Coaches will help you:

  • Re-Engineer Yourself
    • Imposed or self-imposed
    • Stay Challenged & Energized and define new possibilities for your future
  • Define the best transition plan for you at this phase in your life
    • New Job
    • RE-engineer You
    • Entrepreneurial 
    • Retirement Options
    • Community & Board Involvement
    • Return to College
  • Deal with the psychological and emotional impact and how to recover quickly
  • Help others in your life manage through the transition along with you
  • Develop your personal 360 Life Transition Plan


Our vision of seeing a world of people utilizing their potential in business, career and personal life while reaching their desired level of success and life balance simultaneously can only be realized by partnering with Clients both individually and through their organizations to define a work/life balance that works best for them. Our “Balance Coaches” as we call them, utilizing our bestseller book “The Balancing Act –How to Get a LIFE when you Got a CAREER” walks you through discussion, activities, homework assignments and creative thinking techniques to help determine:

Part One: Your Journey to Gaining Control

Chapter 1      Where Does Your Time Go?
Chapter 2      Priorities! What Rates with You?
                      How Do You Rate with Others?
Chapter 3      Trade-offs: ‘Nice to Do’…But Don’t!
Chapter 4      ‘First Things’ First
Chapter 5      Say ‘NO!’ –without Guilt
Chapter 6      Is Your Career in the Way?

Part Two: Your Journey to Maintaining Control

Chapter 7
     Eyes Wide Open: Making Hard Choices
Chapter 8      BALANCE Options at Work
Chapter 9      BALANCE Options at Home
Chapter 10     Making Time for You
Chapter 11     The JourneyForward: Your BALANCE Action Plan

Through the use of our HOPE 360° Blog our Clients will have access to the advice, experiences and techniques of millions of other people who are learning to excel in finding life balance. Just “click” on our site Blog to share your problems and concerns and gather advice from others and read what others have to say.