Hey Coach

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Ever wish that you could get qualified advice on important decisions in your life and career by experts? “Hey Coach" Our Digital interactive service offers a unique web-based application that provides employees within a company or institution an opportunity to confidentially engage our expert coaches on questions relating to career management, leadership skill development, transition, and work/life balance.  

SOON TO COME !!! We will be able to provide you one-on-one virtual coaching with one of our expert coaches who can assist you in handling various professional and personal issues confronting you.   

Terms & Condtions:

All persons using "Hey Coach" as part of HOPE 360 Inc. assumes all responsibility for any decisions made regarding employment, performance, career or life decisions. HOPE Coaches provide only advice in response to questions asked and will not tell any persons what to do or make decisions for them. Any and all decisions that need to be made will be the responsibility of the person asking the question. It is the full responsibility of the person asking the question to assess the information shared, draw conclusions and determine application of coaching advice provided. HOPE 360 Inc nor any of its staff or partners will be responsible for any outcomes, positive or negative resulting from decisions made.




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